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Patriot Mobile

KHOU: Conservatives’ school board victories could give Texas GOP momentum for November elections, 2023 legislative session

A new political action committee (PAC) formed in January 2022 saw significant success in local school board races in Tarrant County. Patriot Mobile Action, a general-purpose PAC in Texas, is based in Tarrant County where the conservative wireless provider Patriot Mobile has its headquarters. While it can neither directly fund nor coordinate with candidates, the PAC advocated…
Critical - Race - Theory

PATRIOT MOBILE ACTION: Anti-CRT Gender Theory Candidates Sweep School Board Races in Key Texas Region​

Candidates running in opposition to woke ideology like Critical Race Theory, gender fluidity, and social-emotional learning dominated school board elections in suburban Dallas-Fort Worth races, fueled in part by help from Patriot Mobile Action. The usually quiet, non-partisan races were animated this year by anger at progressive curricula and COVID-19 masking policies, as well as…
Voting Machines

STAR TELEGRAM: Candidates backed by conservative PACs dominate school board races in Fort Worth suburbs

Candidates backed by conservative political action committees won their races in Forth Worth area suburban school board races. Patriot Mobile, a Grapevine cellphone company that calls itself "America's only Christian conservative wireless provider," poured $500,000 into a PAC to support candidates in the Carroll, Grapevine-Colleyville, Keller and Mansfield school districts

TEXAS TRIBUNE: Candidates backed by conservative PAC sweep Tarrant County school board elections

All but one of the 11 Tarrant County conservative school board candidates, who were backed this year by several high-profile donors and big-money PACs, defeated their opponents during Saturday’s local elections, according to unofficial results. The one candidate backed by the groups who didn’t win outright advances to a runoff election in June.

PATRIOT MOBILE: Patriot Mobile Action Holds the Tarrant County Line Against Out of State Dark Money​

Liberal organizations pushing massive amounts of money into local school board races is also nothing new. New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg has funded Leadership for Educational Equity-Texas (LEE-based in New York) and Democrats for Educational Equity (DEE-based in DC) to the tune of $680,000 in recent years. Both are extreme liberal Democrat machines funneling money from New York into Texas…

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Big-money school board races the ‘new norm’ as conservative spending ramps up​

New political action committees targeting North Texas school board seats are spending big money on conservative rallying cries ahead of Saturday’s elections. It’s yet another sign of how local school board races are now the front lines of Republican culture war issues, such as those on race, gender, library books and parental choice. Some are tapping the same consulting groups, including GOP…
USA and Texas Flag

TEXAS TRIBUNE: With piles of campaign cash, Christian activists make North Texas school board races a state battleground​

In Tarrant County, conservative PACs animated about the teaching of race and sexuality are flooding school board races with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Largely driven by Christian cellphone company Patriot Mobile, which has put $500,000 into a political action committee supporting conservative candidates in the Carroll, Grapevine-Colleyville, Keller, and Mansfield school districts. What’s more,…