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The Texan Patriot

THE TEXAN: Patriot Mobile PAC Spends over $400,000, Finds Success in Tarrant County School Board Races

Patriot Mobile Action spends over $400,000 advocating on behalf of 11 candidates during the course of school board elections in four school districts this spring and had a perfect record of victory. This includes direct mailers and "get-out-the vote" efforts. "These victories speak loudly to parents' desire for exemplary education and not indoctrination," Patriot Mobile…
Patriot Mobile

KHOU: Conservatives’ school board victories could give Texas GOP momentum for November elections, 2023 legislative session

A new political action committee (PAC) formed in January 2022 saw significant success in local school board races in Tarrant County. Patriot Mobile Action, a general-purpose PAC in Texas, is based in Tarrant County where the conservative wireless provider Patriot Mobile has its headquarters. While it can neither directly fund nor coordinate with candidates, the PAC advocated…