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Texas Voters Secure Conservative School Board Majorities

Grapevine, Texas based Patriot Mobile Action is pleased to announce several school boards across Texas secured more conservative leadership in Saturday’s election (May 6, 2023).

“Patriot Mobile Action is honored to have played a part in helping Texas children obtain quality leadership that will make education a priority in their schools,” said Patriot Mobile Action Executive Director, Leigh Wambsganss. “In many of these districts, parents were up against multilayered well-organized leftist organizations, and they never gave up.”

”In the Southlake, Texas Carroll Independent School District (CISD), Saturday’s election secured three conservative trustees, making all seven trustees conservative. This was a three-year battle for Southlake Carroll ISD.

In 2020, the Covid school closures opened parents’ eyes to alarming indoctrinating curriculum in schools across America. Southlake, Texas was ground zero for the unmasking of racist Critical Race Theory infiltration and efforts toward the sexualization of students. National news hit pieces, meant to chill Southlake parents’ speech, had the reverse effect, and ignited a nationwide movement of mama bears and papa bears willing to enter the political arena to reclaim parental rights and remind the government that big brother doesn’t own their children.

In the Keller, Texas Independent School District (KISD), voters secured two additional conservative trustee positions in Saturday’s election. This brings the KISD board a strong conservative majority. Keller dad Chris Coker defeated a long-time establishment trustee who, for years, refused to fight against leftist ideologies. Keller grandfather, John Birt, a former school board member, defeated a young democrat activist who has garnered national attention and stated she wanted to use this school board position as a stepping-stone to become Governor of Texas and President of the United States.

In Texas’ Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD), conservatives claimed 2 of the 3 open seats, increasing the conservative majority to 5/2. GCISD has made national news since they obtained a conservative majority in 2022 for removing social indoctrination, including racial and sexual identity politics, and reinforced classical education supported by Texas state law. Saturday’s wins solidify future progress in keeping GCISD on the right track for providing quality education to all students. Page 2 of 2 These victories are especially impressive, considering the multiple well-funded leftist nonprofit organizations pouring untraceable money into activism, full page advertisements and even television commercials against conservative candidates.

There are several other notable school board race wins across Texas. Conservative grandfather, Ed Harrison, won a seat on the Midlothian ISD Board of Trustees. Harrison is a former congressional candidate and is the father of the conservative rising star, former Trump Administration DHHS Chief of Staff, and current Texas State Representative Brian Harrison (R-10). In the scandal plagued Houston, known for liberal leadership, and underperforming schools that are currently tied up in the courts, two conservative trustee candidates won seats on the Houston ISD School Board. The Katy, Texas, conservative grassroots won a major victory in winning a conservative majority to the Katy school board. Katy ISD is one of the largest districts in the state of Texas.

As proof this is an unending battle, the victories Saturday night were not all conservatives. McKinney, Frisco, and Fort Worth experienced disappointing losses for conservatives fighting to better their districts for all students.

“My hat is off to these conservative parents working so hard to make a better school system for all Texas children,” said Wambsganss. “These conservative parents are driven by their natural parental protective instincts and their love and patriotism for this great country. We are humbled to witness their selfless sacrifice and honored to stand with them in this never-ending battle for the hearts and minds of Texas children.”

From the schoolhouse to the State Capitol, Patriot Mobile Action is working hard and standing for Christian conservative principles. For more information, please see our website at

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