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Valuable Resources

Representative Matt Krause

Representative Matt Krause, Chairman of the Texas House Committee on General Investigating compiled a list of over 850 troubling resources in school libraries across the state of Texas.

Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham explains the sinister worldview behind the social justice movement and how it has quietly spread like a fault system, not only through our culture and schools, but throughout the evangelical church in America.

Save Our Schools

Save Our Schools

Save the Schools is working across the country to increase transparency and end the Marxist teachings of critical race theory in our schools.

Education Veritas

Education Veritas believes our children’s education should be based on timeless truths and observable facts. It should equip them to become the resilient, free-thinking, well-educated citizenry that every democracy needs. Our classrooms should be colorblind and incorporate the ideas that enrich our country, not misguided and untested theories that divide us and provoke hostility.​

The Mind Polluters

“The Mind Polluters” is a feature-length investigative documentary film that follows the efforts of grassroots volunteers, legislators, and Christian academics to expose and stop the efforts of corrupt organizations and groups to infiltrate the nation’s school systems with pornographic and pedo-sadist (pedophilia) materials.

Whose Children Are They?

WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY? is the groundbreaking and powerfully persuasive documentary featuring brave teachers, empowered parents, and front-line experts who pull back the curtain about what is truly happening in our public schools today.

TPUSA School Board Watch List

School boards across the country hold a massive sway over the education of our children and the future of our country. For too long, they have operated silently under the radar, with no organization holding them accountable for their actions. Turning Point USA’s latest initiative, the School Board Watchlist, works tirelessly to fight the corruption and blatant indoctrination of our children occurring in our K-12 public education system.